Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dr. Rex Bailey's Efforts Bring Miraculous Recovery to Poisoned Pet

To protect their own sanity, most medical professionals have been taught to maintain a certain emotional distance between themselves and their patients....Dr. Rex Bailey must have been absent on the day that class was taught.

The Noble and Lorrie McFadden family and their Shihtzu, Carmel, are glad.

McFaddedn's 16 year old son, Bryant Cobb came home to find that Carmel was having seizures, could not hold up her head and her back legs appeared to be paralyzed. Dr. Bailey was determined to help.

After five days of intensive treatment, it appeared that Carmel, who had been poisoned and suffered from the paralysis often associated with botulism, was still shaking and weak and there seemed to be little hope.

The decision was made to authorize Dr. Bailey to stop the dog's suffering. Bailey agreed with the family's decision...or so he thought at the time.

As the doctor was preparing to complete the fatal deed, Carmel held her head up for the first time in five days and despite the continuing paralysis of her back legs, she had begun to eat a bit.

With this new found hope, their efforts were renewed to save Carmel.

For three weeks, Carmel was the focus of various medications and ministrations, including physical therapy to help her regain the use of her back legs. Gradually, she improved and gained strength.

"If there is any miracle here, it comes from the staff, from everyone who worked with Carmel and encouraged her," Bailey says.

The McFadden's remained unaware of the heroic efforts being made on behalf of their dog. They though Carmel was already gone.

Bailey did not call the family because he did not want to risk building up hope again until a recovery seemed certain. When Bailey finally make the call, he found one happy family.

The McFadden's came to visit Carmel and they were thrilled with her improved condition. In just a few days, they were able to take their beloved pet home.

"It's was Valentine's Day when she came home," Lorrie McFaddden says. "What a Valentine's Day Present!"

Dr. Bailey did not charge the McFadden's for all that work.

Carmel improved everyday, and McFadden says her family is glad to give whatever help is needed to aid Carmel on her way to full recovery.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentines Day and Pets

Thinking about spoiling your favorite furry one this Valentine's Day? You're not alone. The National Retail Federation expects consumers will spend $367 million on their pets for the holiday. What is the most extravagant gift you've given your pet on Valentine's Day?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Senior Wellness Special

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